About Faboosl

Faboosl is Grizel Halberstadt & Danity Mynx – Both who seem to delight in finding amazing quality SL fashion for even more amazing prices and then showing off their finely honed, even competitive, shopping prowess to everyone.

hippie griz1

Grizel Halberstadt:  Is a self taught fashionista, builder, landscaper, and bikini designer. She owns Faboo Swimwear. She started this blog in 2009 and eventually named her bikini lines after it, since, well, “Faboo” is a faboo word and a better name! She also owns the G-spot Adult Hangout and resort with her partner Erasmus – the nicest, silliest, dorkiest, classiest little beach club in SL.

If you aren’t laughing you are doing it wrong.


Danity Mynx: Originally a sales rep. and land manager for an SL land company with over 250 sims.  They put to full use her talents in customer service, terraforming and landscaping.   Loving everything fashion Danity became one of the power shoppers of SL.  Mixing and matching looks and always perfectioning her own unique style.   She is currently modeling in SL .  Danity is also working on her own line of skins for  her store called L’ O.

Always amazed by the creativeness and of the imaginations of people in SL.

Keep It Simple Stupid.  (kiss) my own moto for fashion and style.  You will know you have gone overboard when your wearing your shoes on your head and your hair on  your feet…. then again could this be considered art??


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