Faboo @ The Lexi Project

You all need to get your butts to The Lexi Project NOW, and buy buy buy!

100% of all sales go direct to Lexi Zelin, the creator of AngelRED Couture who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma.  More about Lexi’s situation and  Event details here.

Faboo  has joined over 350 other merchants to create a exclusive item for this event! It’s a HUGE HUGE event to shop, bring a drink!

I have created a Limited Edition Rio Unikini, named after Lexi. It will ONLY BE SOLD AT THIS EVENT. After it’s over on the 9th it’s gone. SO GET IT NOW!


THE LEXI PROJECT Main Landing Area

DIRECT TP TO FABOO @ LEXI PROJECT (I’m off one one corner of Part 1)
You might have to click this one AFTER you arrive in the main area.


Lexi Zelin Gofundme
AngelRed Couture
The Lexi Project
The Lexi Project Facebook Event Page
The Lexi Project Flickr Pool


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