Dear Mesh Body makers…

mesh madness


Creators like myself are weary of mesh body bits. The applier fatigue has hit, there are so many parts so little time. I, like many, are now moving to the Omega system, but that even has it’s downfalls. We can’t test our appliers out if we don’t have the bodies. With the new most popular bodies costing over 5K now, even designers can’t afford to make product and test it on the all the parts and bodies people want. 

I want my stuff to work, but I don’t wear a mesh body myself so spending $5K to properly test my stuff out is irritating. I have a entire inventory of asses, and boobs I never wear as it is as I HAD to buy those to get the dev kits. I am extremely thankful for the growing number of creators who have since made dev kits free, but honestly, good creators like to test their appliers out. I want my stuff to work. I need a body to do that… but should I to pay $5K to make YOUR product more useable?

I am asking for mesh body creators to make a dev copy of the bodies for us designers. I mean it can have blue and pink polka dot skin, covered with your logo…it can be transparent or have the clothing template grid on it… thats fine! We just need a body with working layers to make sure our appliers work. Hell if it wasn’t wearable that would almost be a bonus! Make us apply for it even, thats fine… but we’re going broke trying to make your customers happy.

Please, make our lives easier… help us help YOU… make designer’s bodies purely for proofing sake… let US help YOU! 


One thought on “Dear Mesh Body makers…

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me, until it happens I suggest finding customers in your group who have the item you need and give them the applier to try and either show you or send photos on Flickr. I’ve done that for designers before. To be honest, it’s the most use I get from my mesh bits since I don’t wear most of them except my SLink hands and feet.

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