OMEGA appliers are now available, and being made for all suits.

Soon all bikinis will ONLY Have Omegas, Tango and Slink. Just ask in the mean time.

You will need to get the omega script for your mesh body parts (free or cheap) to wear Faboo in future. There are simply too many parts to keep up with now, it was taking me longer to make appliers than to make the suits themselves.

Omega is a system that will make your choices for clothing rather unlimited.

It works in most mesh body parts, it consists of a script for the wearer to simply the correct parts script drag and drop into their mesh body/part, and the Omega applier from the clothing maker. Cost is $100 (well worth it) or I believe you can get one FREE if you join the group at the store.

For more about OMEGA, go  here.

If you want any bikini separates, buy them now.

When I re-bag everything adding in the appliers for Omega/Slink I will be discontinuing the separates. They simply triple my work load (package, shoot pictures, make listings), and when you have as many suits as Faboo does thats a BIG increase in work. It gives me nightmares to thing about keeping them and rebagging, etc… I just cant.


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