Showing off assets

In trend is high waisted trousers I have some from no fewer than 10 designers. I have found they really look great on long  but rounded torso figures like mine, probably why they were in fashion a few decades ago. If you have a lean curvy shape they can make you look pretty incredible, and while the real ones in RL were less than comfortable, in SL we have no such problems thankfully.

My current faves are from Ingenue, they have a couple sets of them, Leslie with pencil legs and  Katherine (shown below) with a nice flare. I loved Katherine so much I bought the bulk of 10 colors for all seasons (about $700 for the bulk). I am a stickler for perfect textures and shading or I turn up my nose – and these have all that and some great detailing as well.

Did I mention they make my behind look incredible?

Pants: Katherine In Noir  – Ingenue

A few other of my favorites, and maybe I’ll show off more later…

Pants left:  January Group Gift – TrendyStyle
Pants right: Clarissa Classic Blue – R.Icelli

Also in this post:

Shirt: Broadcloth Shirt – CoCo Design
Shoes: Scilla – Sim-i-lar
Necklace: Eternal – :fusion:
Hair:  Tiramisu (red) – LoQ
Skin: Elena Fair – Laq
Shape: My own, not for sale.


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